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the Chimpanzee, there being no saphenons opening.    In the Orang a saphena vein enters the femoral vein high up.
In the Chimpanzee the receptaculum chyli is of considerable size. Tvro vessels emerge from it and run upwards to the level of the sixth dorsal vertebra where they unite to form a single duct, which opens into the junction of the left subclavian and jugular veins. The glands are fewer than in Man, as can be seen from the following table, which is based on the examination of three animals :—
A.— Glands in the Head and Neck.
(1)   A  group  of  glands  in the  sub-occipital
region. '2) A  group  of glands on the surface of the
submaxillary gland. <3)   Numerous    glands   between  the    cleido-
mastoid and trachea.
B.—Glands in the Thorax.
(1)  Bronchial glands.
(2)   Glands between the trachea and heart.
C.—Glands in the Abdomen and Pelvis.
(1)   Glands along the lesser curvature of the stomach.
(2)   Glands along the greater curvature of the stomach.
(3)  Mesenteric glands.
(4)   Iliac glands.
D.—Glands in the Arm.
(1)   Glands on the teres major.
(2)   Glands along the long thoracic artery. (<z) Upper group.
(5) Lower group.
E.—Glands in the Leg.
(1) A group of glands close to the middle of Poupart's ligament.